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I should probably be well-equipped to write one of these by now after filling out so many online dating profiles…. Here’s hoping those skills transfer!

A very warm welcome to my little corner of the web! Here’s a little summary of what goes down here: I create and photograph hearty, vegetarian, and occasionally indulgent recipes. You try my recipes, love them, and frequently come back for more mouth-watering recipes as well as witty and entertaining content.*

My focus on the blog is umami foods. If you haven’t already heard of umami, I’ll give you a brief rundown: Umami is Japanese for really frickin’** delicious or in slightly more academic speak, the savory taste, one of the five principal tastes for which we have receptors on our tongue. It’s mouth-watering and mouth-filling, and studies have shown that it both increases our appetite when we’re hungry and enhances satiety as we fill up.

Examples of umami foods include miso soup, soy sauce, mushrooms, hard aged cheeses, Doritos, and tomato sauce. Certain meats are also quite umami, but it is a misconception that meats are the primary source of umami in our diets. As a card-carrying vegetarian of over a decade, I am committed to showing people that vegetarian food, in addition to being delicious, can be hearty and full-belly satisfying. And that is where umami comes in!

Thanks for visiting, hope you’ll stick around for a while! Cheers!





*I never won any awards for humility, folks. 

**Trying to keep my language clean here, Hi Mom!!


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