Butternut Squash Red Curry
  1. Heat the oil in a large, deep skillet or medium sauce pan over a medium flame. Add diced shallots and salt and sauté for a few minutes, stirring regularly, until shallots become fragrant and somewhat translucent.
  2. Add grated ginger and cumin seeds and stir regularly for another two minutes. Incorporate diced garlic and coriander powder and sauté, stirring continuously, for another minute.
  3. Pour coconut milk into the pan and whisk in red curry paste until fully incorporated. Add cardamom and butternut squash. Adjust heat to medium-low and cover. Cover and cook until squash is fork-tender, about 20-25 minutes.
  4. Stir in soy sauce, lime juice, and sugar. Taste and season with additional soy sauce, lime, and sugar to taste.
  5. Top with chopped cilantro or mint, according to your preferences. While cilantro is more traditional, I’ve found that a bit of mint works really well. Serve with rice.
Recipe Notes

Spiciness: The level of spiciness of this dish can vary dramatically based on the red curry paste you use. As a quick-and-dirty rule, the less English you see on the label, the spicier it is likely to be. Two tablespoons of curry paste will probably produce something that is slightly to moderately spicy, but be conservative and mix in extra at the end if you shy away from spicy stuff.

Vegetarian red curry paste: Usually it’s not hard to find a vegetarian variety, but occasionally store-bought pastes contain fish sauce. Be sure to check the ingredients.

Modifications: This butternut squash curry is pretty riff-able. I like the simplicity of the butternut, but you can also throw in any other veggies you see fit. Some good options are snap peas, peppers, and mushrooms, or whatever else you want.